MSI Elite Ladders Plugin

Being a part of MSI Engine, MSI Elite-Ladders Plugin will give you ability to integrate Elite-Ladders into other system.

Elite Ladders
Elite Gaming Ladders, the world's leading supplier of online game battle, ladder and tournament scripts, continues to evolve with the release of EGL Advanced, with much additional programming and many features added. Contact us to discuss your requirements and show you how an Elite Ladders gaming script can take your gaming project to the next level.

A Product by Elite Ladders
  • Ability to change Elite-Ladders group permission when editing an account
  • Ability to set Default Elite-Ladders group for new account register
  • Ability to add, edit and delete account
  • Automatically login supported
  • Activation email supported
(*) Require to modify core files.


Depend on what's MSI Plugins you purchased, we support as following Added-On in our system:
  1. Package only: $15 USD 
    • One license per domain
    • One year subscription of Update section and Email support
    • Next year renewal is 50%
  2. Installation service: $60 USD (*)
    • One time installation service, our professional staff will do install for you
  3. Copyright remove/Unbranding: $150 USD
    • Remove our copyright on bottom of every scripts

(*) This fee apply for one time installation, apply for all MSI Plugins purchase with MSI Engine.

You can place an order at PURCHASE section.

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