MSI Engine

MSI - Multi Systems Integration software, designed for integrating any kind of third party scripts, MSI Engine can provide ultimate power for administrators who want to make their site become a United User System.

How does it work:

MSI Engine will take control User Management of Third party scripts, make them have the same user records and control User Register, Profile Panel, Login, Logout in front-end.

We can describe the workflow of MSI Engine on front-end as below:

MSI Core is a main software controls users of other Third party scripts.

MSI Plugin is a customized script, it is designed for specified third party scripts such as vBulletin, IP.Board software etc... in order to make them work on MSI Core.  This plugin will implement User features for MSI Core and create components, modules for populating data between third party scripts. For example, Latest Post Module will populate data from vBulletin and display on Joomla.

Security - Stability:

Protecting our site from outside attack and making whole System work stability are a highly priority of MSI Engine, we had forced all Third Party Scripts to Disable All Related functions on controlling Users. In order to achieve this scenario, MSI Engine will Patch Third Party Scripts Core Files, you should take note before deciding to use our software. In nowadays, technology is being changed so fast and we think that the fact on keeping our site up to date is a "must have task" for any site owners.

  • Single Sign On
  • Extremely fast on synchronizing 100K user records within one hour (variety on server specs)
  • Support multi third party scripts (*)
  • Support multi domain names or sub-domain names (crossing domain names)
  • Support multi separately server hostings
  • Support separately MySql database connections
  • Support Captcha for preventing un-wanted bot/spammer from blood our site
  • Support Automatically Login even in crossing domain names/separately servers
  • Support Automatically Password Recovery, members can login with old password after synchronized on new systems.
  • Support Multi Languages interface
  • Support Non Native English Language, members can login with their own language
  • Support Facebook Connect
  • Ajax base system for Login, Register and userCP form
  • Ability to synchronize users between Core Engine and Third party scripts
  • Ability to set Database session timeout and Cookie session timeout
  • Ability to Add new, Delete or Edit an user
  • Ability to define User custom fields
  • Ability to define User custom fields mapping between Core Engine and Third party scripts
  • Ability to set Administrator's privilege which allow to manage All users
  • Ability to customize Ajax popup boxes
  • Ability to set in which SMTP mail or internal PHP mail for e-mail notifications.

(*) Third party scripts must be in MSI Plugin List to be supported

  • PHP 5.x or later
  • Mysql 4.1.x or later
Please go to PURCHASE section for placing new order.
 All prices included:
  • One license on one domain
  • One year Subscription on Update Section
  • One year Email support
  • Next year renewal is 50% only
MSI Core Engine
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Price: $20 USD
MSI Plugin for Joomla
  • Version support: 1.5.x | 1.6.x | 1.7.x | 2.5.x
  • Extra support: Community Builder, Jomsocial
  • Patch core files: No need
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for vBulletin
  • Version support: 3.8.x | 4.x
  • Patch core files: No need
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for IP.Board
  • Version support: 3.2.3 | 3.3.0 | 3.3.1
  • Patch core files: Require
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for Wordpress
  • Version support: 3.x
  • Patch core files: No need
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for webSpell
  • Version support: 4.2.3a
  • Patch core files: Require
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for Pligg
  • Version support: 1.2.0
  • Patch core files: Require
  • Price: $15 USD
MSI Plugin for Photostore
  • Version support: 3.6.0
  • Patch core files: Require
  • Price: $15 USD
PHP Melody
MSI Plugin for PHP Melody
  • Version support: 1.6.7
  • Patch core files: Require
  • Price: $15 USD

Latest Update

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