Products Updated 2011-09-09

Following products have been updated so far:

++ MSI Wordpress Plugin: 2.0.6
- Refine engine code.
++ MSI Webspell Plugin: 2.0.4
- Refine engine code.
++ MSI Core Engine: 2.0.18
- Fixed bugs.
- Added new feature for additional sub-plugins.
- Updated :: Preventing user from using password the same as username.
++ MSI JomSocial Sub-Plugin: 1.0.0
- Supported Joomla 1.5.x.
- Since MSI Core 2.0.17 version, you at least use
++ MSI Joomla Plugin 2.0.10 version
++ MSI vBulletin 4.x 2.0.8 version
++ MSI vBulletin 3.x 2.0.8 version
++ MSI IP.Board 2.0.7 version
++ MSI Wordpress 2.0.6 version
++ MSI Webspell 2.0.4 version
- Upcoming update for old version of Mygamingladder, EliteLadder, Phpmelody, Ktools Photostore, IP.Board 3.0.x, IP.Board 3.1.x, Dolphin, Drupal, PHPBB 3.x, WBB 3.x are in progress and it may takes a little longer time because the work load is heavy.

For more details  or have any questions, you can contact us through support{at}


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