Our Services

Have you ever been on a low budget, short with time for developing your project? And maybe the answer is yes, so for saving your time and money, BBPIXEL would like to provide these extra services:

  1. Customize template

    • Customizing your Forum skin with CMS header/footer/background
    • Apply for vBulletin/IP.Board
    • And by your request
  2. Convert Database

    • Converting Data from this system to another one. For example : Simple Board to vBulletin, IP.Board; NewBB to IP.Board, phpBB, etc..
    • Converting UTF-8 Data Charset: your site is not running in Native UTF-8? You can leave to us to do convert task for you, we can do with any languages even from East or West European languages.
  3. Outsourcing Services

    • We will produce the requested application or software module quickly and cost efficiently. PHP and MySQL are what we do best, we're proficient and can do quality programming using various technologies.

Please contact us for quote.

Latest Update

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